21 Марта 2018
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Firefox: S3.Переводчик

Дата последнего изменения: 31 Октября 2017
Метки статьи: Готовые решения, © Авторское, Soft, Firefox
S3.Переводчик - это дополнение к браузеру Firefox , которое упростит вам посещение не русскоязычных сайтов.

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Chris (гость) • ответить
Hello, I have been using your add on for a few years and it is very helpful. I have also donated to you. I am curious if you have a way to develop the add on the translate emails automatically without having to highlight the text first?

There is no such function, but I can add this to the work plan for future versions
Chris (гость) • ответить
Thank you, I answer many emails from customers in other languages. If there was a way to have the add on translate the email automatically when the email is opened it would save me time. I would be willing to give you a good donation if you could add this soon. Have you had time to investigate this feature? Thanks.
Please send all your suggestions to forum:
Chris (гость) • ответить
I tried to post my idea there, but it will not let me. I have to log in.
Bill (гость) • ответить
I have been a user of your translator for a while now. Bravo. It is a wonderful thing. My only complaint is that there is a google "curtain" that drops down across the top of a translated page, and it covers the anything underneath.

Would it be possible to have this drop down toolbar be moved to the side or bottom, instead of the side?

Thank you again for this wonderful add-on. By the way, I am a Mozilla SeaMonkey user.
Settings: Other: Hide «google-panel» from translated page
Bill (гость) • ответить
Thank you. Again I say "Bravo"1
Many thanks Olek for the S3 google translator.
It allows me to read pages in all languages, my language being native Portuguese. I've been using Firefox for several years, but now I've switched to Vivaldi and enjoyed using this extension. I've tried unpacking and installing, but it does not work. For what I understand will do a webextensão, I wait and thank. Sorry for any errors, but I'm using google translator.
I would like to donate in euros, how do I do it?
A hug from Portugal
Vivaldi uses the Blink rendering engine, as Google Chrome and Opera do. This gives Vivaldi users the ability to install extensions developed for Google Chrome.

S3.Google translator now only for xul-technology, but I'm already developing this extension for Google Chrome

> I would like to donate in euros, how do I do it?

Please try donation-button:

But you do not necessarily to pay.
just tell me "thank you" and tell about my addons to your friends

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