22 Сентября 2019
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Firefox: Менеджер загрузок (S3)

Дата последнего изменения: 5 Августа 2014
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Менеджер загрузок (S3) - это дополнение к браузеру Firefox , которое поможет вам контролировать свои Загрузки
Это новая жизнь для старого известного дополнения Download Statusbar , которое, в связи с критическими изменениями в Firefox 26+, перестало работать

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Onno Ekkerответить
Do you have a website where users can contribute to localizations, like babelzilla, crowdin, transifex, or even github? I see a noticeable error in the Dutch localization and would like to check all strings, but I'd rather do it on-line than in the downloaded xpi...
you can write me a letter and i will send you the necessary files: pag77@mail.ru
Teh (гость) • ответить
Hey thanks for doing this for Firefox (might try for chrome too)

I have a bit of a request/issue, though. The summary progress is constantly changing size depending on font/number, so i wanted to use the toolbar icon for an overview, but that only show s a small icon. Could you make an option to have a fixed size for the toolbar icon and display the speed/progress?

Also, the statusbar is changing size to 2 rows. Last time i tried it (on palemoon) it would just crunch the completed downloads to fit the set amount in 1 row. Is there an option i am missing?
Hello from Australia.

I have been using the old Download Status Bar in Waterfox and Pale Moon for a number of years (I gave up using Firefox when they released version 57.0 in November 2017). While Download Status Bar works (more or less) with Waterfox 56 and Pale Moon 28, when I recently discovered your S3 version I liked it a lot and immediately switched over to it.

I would like you to implement two small enhancements to S3 that will eliminate the following two annoying dialog boxes that pop up:

(1) An option, like the one in Download Status Bar, to completely bypass the "Resources that could not be downloaded" dialog.

(2) When [in the Download Bar] you double-click on a successful download's button this causes S3 always to display a dialog box where you are forced to click on a button labelled "click here to run this file" in order to open the downloaded file (PDF, for example). This is a very annoying thing to always have to do. Like with the old Download Status Bar, S3 should always directly open using the default Windows association for the download's file type, and display this additional dialog only if there is no default app associated with thee down;oad's file type (file extension, such as .pdf or .html or .msi or .exe or whatever else).

If you could eliminate these tow dialogs I would be very pleased, and I suspect that other users of S3 would also like it.
Mikhail (гость) • ответить
Сломалось при работе с почтой mail.ru
рассыпается весь статус бар
Здравствуйте! В хроме периодически пропадает отображение в панели загрузок. Не знаю что делать. Загрузка идет, но отображения в панели загрузок отсутствует.
Candra (гость) • ответить
DoesDownload Manager auto resume broken or failed download? for chrome.
Gruszyczka (гость) • ответить
Can you please make version 4.13 available again?
or whatever version is the next best one for FF 56 (!), either on AMO or some other site.
As of now, the versions page on AMO only lists one version, but the one that's supposed to be compatible with older Firefoxes (and PM/WF) seems to be gone completely and the corresponding download link is dead.
I refuse to use FF 57+ as long as there are no viable alternatives to add-ons like TMP.
Gruszyczka (гость) • ответить
Installing this for FF 56 doesn't seem possible. I've uploaded CAA here:
to get it signed because FF 48+ don't support unsigned add-ons (at all, not even with any about:config settings or .js files etc that I've tried so far) - but that site doesn't sign legacy add-ons anymore because it seems that Mozilla only wants to auto-sign those add-ons supported by FF 57+.

I might try installing CAA with PM/WF etc when I get back home, so maybe I could then install the older version of your add-on and copy it back to my Firefox.

All things considered though, it would be much easier if you yourself (or someone else who still has the .xpi file for 4.13) could just upload it somewhere. The traffic wouldn't kill anyone.

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