21 Марта 2023
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Отзывы и предложения

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Hello Alexander,

the fix version of Screengrab does not work anymore, and the extension is nowhere to be found on the Chrome and Mozilla websites. Has this add-on been abandonned?
Hello. I cannot save images using Screengrab anymore in some internet pages, and the add-on is not on the Mozilla website anymore. Is the add-on abandonned?
Sorry for the double post!
a (гость) • ответить
where can i get Screengrab! as a a file. thank you. aguacaliente@mail.ru

Mohsyn (гость) • ответить
Can you please add and option to save the audio of translated text?
keithsw2 (гость) • ответить
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Drywallfnx (гость) • ответить
commonly associated with
Hi. Currently the buttons have no option to change their background and to remove gradient colors from their background.
1. Can we have options to choose our own colors for button background and to disable gradient colors?
2. Can you also make an option to change the color of the text inside the progress bar? Right now I can only change the text color for the file name I'm downloading but not of the text that shows the remaining time - that text is always black which forces me to choose a light background, but I don't like that.

I'm not an idiot, Alexander. I know that! But these settings DO NOT remove gradient colors for the buttons, only for the download progress. That screenshot I posted above was made with these settings and as you can see the buttons have no custom background and they still have gradient color:

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