21 Июля 2018
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"Я знаю, что ничего не знаю, но многие не знают и этого". Сократ [?].

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Pete (гость) • ответить
Hi, using the latest Firefox addon "No Resource URI Leak 1.1.0" and enabling the "Block Web-exposed subset of chrome : / / URIs" breaks your "S3.Google Translator" addon. The icons don't show after selecting text on a web page.

Are you able to fix it so that one could use the "Block Web-exposed subset of chrome : / / URIs" setting in "No Resource URI Leak" addon? Thanks!
from description:

If you need to unblock some elements:
You can customize the settings in the add-on preferences. about:addons

Pete (гость) • ответить
Yes, but as the setting indicates, "only for debugging & as temporary measures".

Are you able to code your addon so that nothing needs to be excluded in "No Resource URI Leak" addon?
Yes, but as the setting indicates, "only for debugging & as temporary measures".

please ask for help to the author "No Resource URI Leak"
Дмитрий (гость) • ответить
Александр, я уже было готов позолотить тебе ручки, но с PayPal Я не дружу, если тебе не сложно включи в своё приложение web-код c платёжной системой поддерживающих электронные карты, или Webmoney по крайней мере. Адьёз Gringo и удачи тебе. С новым годом!
Внизу страницы есть значек Donate:
при клике перейдешь на страницу пайпала, внизу слева будет:
Don't have a PayPal account?
Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue

клик на "Continue" и можно сделать взнос кредитной картой не имея аккаунта в PayPal

С новым годом! Спасибо!
Tekla (гость) • ответить
Thank you for Screengrab! I use it a lot.
I usually save job ads (web pages) with it, which I want to go back to later. Is there any way of quickly saving the URLs of these so I could go back and re-open them? Of course, I cannot save it in their file name, but is there another way doing it in kind of one step when saving the JPG or PNG file? It would be very helpful.
Thanks and cheers
Settings - Save - Integrate into Download Manager
all your saving the pictures will be displayed in Firefox download history with website-url
Tekla (гость) • ответить
..sorry about the mistakes, don`t know if it`s mistyping or just happened..
Anne (гость) • ответить
Dear (I am very sorry, I cannot find your name..),
It is very very sad that firefox needs this, but I am very happy with your Menu Wizard! It hides, in any case, the (stupid) new 'other bookmarks'. I had figured out how to hide the pocket list, another of firefox very strange moves, but this is very handy indeed. Would it show firefox that they are on the wrong track?
Sadly, I cannot pay with paypal, I do not have a creditcard. Can I pay with Ideal?
With kind regards, Anne.

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