3 Декабря 2020
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"Я знаю, что ничего не знаю, но многие не знают и этого". Сократ [?].

Отзывы и предложения

Дата последнего изменения: 15 Августа 2009
Метки статьи: Отзывы и предложения
Собственно тут оставляем все свои отзывы, пожелания и предложения

Many thanks, got it working...
Next question, can I install the Chrome version of S3.T manually in Vivaldi?
Tony (гость) • ответить
Hi Alexandar - I'm loading a new profile and want to use ScreenGrab! but I cannot find it. Do you have the last working copy that you could point me to?
Neil (гость) • ответить
I just went through that hell that Firefox put everyone through.
And of course I can't find my version of Screengrab (fix version)
is there anywhere I can find this xpi?
(the "wonderful" people at firefox don't seen to have it.)
An amazing util. if I could get a link to it that would be great.
I would love to see this in the mozilla "store" again as well.
Bodo (гость) • ответить
Will you bring back ScreenGrab! for Firefox?
Wolfgang (гость) • ответить
Servus Alexander habe eine bitte ich nutzte deinen Worldwide Radio aber einer meiner Lieblingssender ORF Radio Niederösterreich (https://radio.orf.at/player/radioplayer.html?station=noe) funktioniert leider nicht kannst du dir das bitte mal ansehen. Danke! LG
I just checked it - everything seems to be it's ok
David (гость) • ответить
Hello Oleksandr,
Could you make your S3.Google Translator extension compatible with the latest version 68 of Thunderbird?
I read somewhere that there were not many changes to make in the source code of the extension to make it compatible.
I thank you for your work !!

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