20 Июня 2024
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"Я знаю, что ничего не знаю, но многие не знают и этого". Сократ [?].

Улыбнуло :)  Когда папа - фрилансер

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Проостите великодушно. Пользуюсь вашим переводчиком но... Я в Крыму живу и банков у нас просто нет нормальных. Поэтому не могу вам перечислить жалаемае вами. Когда устаканится - в лёгкую. Спасибо. С уважением, Олег
вам не обязательно что-то платить.
просто скажите мне "спасибо" и расскажите своим друзьям о моих аддонах
I am very sorry for your difficulty and your familie in Ukraine,for i had not learn your language so i had to use Englich to communicate with you.
I am a Firefox broser and have been using it for a long time .we all know that Paypal in westen countries is very popular ,but in CHINA we prefer using ALIPAYhttps://www.alipay.com/ and WECHAThttp://weixin.qq.com/,both of them have a huge user population ,at least 0.3 billion.from buying ,water fee charging etc.would you mind opening a ALIPAY account or WECHAT,binding your Bank card,so that our users can support your programm and spread this successful plug.
i do not know this message will send to you or not ,but i hope so.my gmail account is karlxa2010@gmial.com,now i am crossing the Chinese gonverment wall,we call it GFW,to have a chat with you ,if you have any questions ,such as opening an ALIPAY account or etc, please leave me a message by my mainlandmailbox account karlliebedich@126.com .
Have a good day and "Do not go gentle into that night"
Thank you, I have read the your proposal!
but, unfortunately, Mozilla has only one opportunity to receive contributions - it is only through Paypal.
But should there be a personal account so that someone who can support you ? I do have a Paypal account but in CHINA it was not the most popular tools when shopping or etc. If you want to know more about CHINA or one day wants to have a travel in CHINA or working in CHINA,mastering Chinese is essential .If so ,i am very pleased to teach you some of Chinese characters (zhongguo hanzi Chinese pronunciation 汉字).Anyway ,have a try using ALIPAY or WECHAT,for they are easy, funny and multifunctional.

Thank you, I will carefully explore the proposed system (alipay and wechat)!

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