18 Ноября 2017
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"Я знаю, что ничего не знаю, но многие не знают и этого". Сократ [?].

Улыбнуло :)  Я предупреждал - не мешай!

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Какие же забавные комментарии, я в шоке)))
Brooklyn Kid (гость) • ответить

My friend, you have a sense of humor which many may find offensive but I know that those are probably your pets and would not harm them. And PayPal is something we should all have to buy things on the internet so anyone who does not have it is probably not very informed. I will give you what they did not. Keep up the good work. We Americans have to much free time...
Thank you!
Kid (гость) • ответить
I have S3.Google Translator and i like your addon, thanks. And paypal i haven't money, sorry. I wish you luck and thank you for your good work.
you do not necessarily to pay.
just tell me "thank you" and tell about my addons to your friends
Marley (гость) • ответить
Hi Oleksandr,
I really like your add-ons and thank you for keeping them updated! Screen Grab is one of my favoritesI think your humour is great.. ! And i will keep your son (diabetes) in my prayers. Also, im gonna donate !

Thank you!
Thank you!
Marley (гость) • ответить
There seems to be a problem with PayPal's service. When it is fixed, i will remember to donate!
Thank you!
Raul (гость) • ответить
That cats images are sad, not funny

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