9 Марта 2021
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Sunny (гость)
I am loving your Forecastfox add-on after having given up on Aniweather (which has recently gone buggy).

A couple of comments / suggestions / requests:

* I do not want a cluttered toolbar so I have chosen "no" for several of the Icon Display options. But I would still like to have access to this info. Please consider adding access to all of the info through the context menu (regardless of whether or not the icon is displayed).

* I would like to see icons for Now and Tomorrow (but not Today). You have already split off the Current Conditions option from Forecast Days. Consider adding a Today/Tonight option. The choices would then be: Current (Y/N), Today/Tonight (Y/N), Forecast Days (0-6).

* (Again trying to minimize the toolbar space) I would like to display tomorrow's Temperature without having to display the Day. Please consider splitting the Text Label option into separate Day and Temp options (for example: Forecast_Days=2, Day_Labels=1, and Temp_Labels=2 would result in " Now: 28° F ☽ | 56° F ☀ | ☁ " ).

* This one is rather picky (so feel free to ignore it): It would be lovely if I could choose the order of the Icons -- specifically to shove the radar icon to the far right.

But all of these suggestions are only offered to help improve an already wonderful add-on.

Keep up the great work!

~ Sunny Snaith

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