9 Марта 2021
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"Я знаю, что ничего не знаю, но многие не знают и этого". Сократ [?].

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Pat Mc Nair
Hi there Oleksandr,
i just logged in tonight and i had a notification from firefox about your add on i installed in friefox a few weeks ago "Screen grab" i read your comments about hard times there in ukraine and about yous son who has diabetes type 1 ..so i went to search for a way to get in contact with you ......,i also used your translate program for firefox to read you blog page where i registered here so that i can communicate with you ...i cannot help you with a donation at this time because things are hard for us here even in canada but i can help you with some information that WILL help your son if you choose to use it ...not only will it save you money because you will not have to purchace insulin for you son....it will definately cure diabetes your son has ....please do not take this lightly ...i have spent the last 5 years using this product which is cheap simple and it works ...not only on diabetes but on around 97% of known diseases to man......i am not selling anything ....My wife was sick 5 years ago and none of the specialists we went to could diagnose properly what was wrong .we went to many specialists in 2 countries...so i decided to look into alternative medicine .this is how i found it .........she is now in great health
It is called Sodium Chlorite...or MMS.......and it doesent cure anything ....but it boosts the immune system so the body can heal itself....i will post the link to Jim Humbles site at the bottom of this page all the information you need is on his website....if you need any assistance please email me and i will be only to happy to help.....Stay well God Bless.....Pat Mc Nair

P.S. your add ons are great

MMS website

I just wanted to help after reading your situation

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