27 Февраля 2021
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"Я знаю, что ничего не знаю, но многие не знают и этого". Сократ [?].

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John (гость)
Google Translate manages to cope with most words on your website, but leaves a few untranslated. Any possibility of having a button to switch to a more accurate English translation?

My purpose in visiting your website was to find out where Screengrab uploaded files.

"All images saved from this computer."

How does your website decide who is calling? My ISP allocates dynamic IP address on a per connection basis. I did not see a facility to enter the IP address in use when uploading. Then, another filter would be needed?

"Note: The image will be deleted in 30 days after upload."

Not much use for screengrabs which are used in a forum posting. Are there any plans to provide access to the settings used for choosing the server to send the files?

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